Friday, July 18, 2014

Interludes 3 and 3.2

Interludes 3 and 3.2

Anyone who followed anything that happened on hipgnosis during the heady days of 2011 may have wondered just what happened to cause the abrupt drop-off in volume. After the actual, physical Occupation i must confess that i, along with many Occupiers lost a bit of the angle toward the wind along which i had been pushing my sails. I spent a bit of time luffing in the doldrums, to the chagrin of some, but i never stopped Occupying, or whatever you call this that i’ve done all along of which Occupy is the smaller portion.

The break has allowed What There Is to provide me some clarity and direction. One might say i’ve come about, as it were, but really the wind picked up again. The motor is back to running and we’re ready to fling a few more mixed and mangled metaphors.

After nearly three years of court battles, many of which may as well have been designed to imitate the Sargasso Sea, (stretch ‘em, Baby!), the City of Colorado Springs, through the ministrations of Spottswood W.H. Williams,  has spent some absurd amount of money, (mind you i want to know and if i find out i’ll amend this), to incarcerate me for 160 days over that camping ticket


So the next batch of installments will be coming from my, (hopefully), temporary home here in this fancy tent, (which i also hope to price), at the El Paso County Jail, on public property, of course.

Occupy the El Paso County Jail!

**One point--.2, that is:

There have been intriguing developments, and i am now running around loose pending appeal. Again. I had hoped the arrangement i had made to publish this stuff while incarcerated would outpace the County’s bureaucracy but nooooo! I mean to publish what i produced over a 35 day period at the jail  without altering the perspective afforded by the positioning but i’ll add comments where due.

Steve Bass, hipgnotist, 23 June 2014

There's this next.

***Whaaat?? Maybe it's just too late but the blogger doesn't seem to allow footnotes. Here's where the live, till i figure it out at least:

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