Saturday, January 25, 2020

Secret Garden

Secret Garden

The one word that comes closest to being “bad,” is
“Can’t,” but, even still, it’s a matter of timing;
And the timing is so rarely apt for that word;
One so rarely finds the time for it.
The only thing you can’t do, really, truly, and never will,
Can’t do is
Control Another.

You don’t deserve this stark, humorless,
Friendless life; no one does.
So why create it?


I see you, coming for me. I love you.
                You can’t.
                I won’t.
                I will it not.
I will us, together.

If you think I’m talking to you
I am.

I respect and trust you.
“I respect and trust you.”

This is just conflict;
It kinda hurts, but it
Doesn’t hurt anything
I know you can see it. I
Have faith in you.

And we danced.