Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Things

So everyone tells me I ought to write. Here it is then, and what to write about?

Write what you know, I've heard before, but then, I'm with Aristotle in that "All I know for sure is I know nothing for sure," or was that Plato? I can't say for sure.

Some way or another I mean for this to be an expression of things I care about, whether I know them or not. I'll mess around with politics a little, probably stuff that will perturb some more than a bit. I'll blather on about religion, although religion and politics are pretty symbiotic topics, in my head. Then again, so are religion and science, religion and sociology, religion and psychology, religion and actual spirituality, and so on. On second thought, maybe the choice of the term "religion" is a poor one, since only a smattering of my thoughts have to do with actual religion and its tedious mechanics of denomination and conflict between world religious powers. But all those things interest me, and since this is really no more than an exercise for me, I'll probably mingle the ideas around so much that no one will be able to tell what I'm carrying on about anyways.

Just an opener, for now. Tomorrow I'll bellyache about justice in America for a spell, both in terms of overall social justice, and the so-called justice system under which we live. this will be addressed form a spiritual and philosophical perspective, of course.

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  1. Starting from the beginning! You're my favorite book to read!